RCT EP 27: Matt Da Silva "Excellence Requires Discomfort"

December 25th, 2018 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

Merry Christmas Everyone! As a gift to all of you Matt Da Silva, our HOST of Real Community Talks, sit's down with us for the last episode of Season 1 and shares his story!

Matt has a wealth of experience representing both the public and private sector with positions in the Private Security Field, Public Sector Administration, and recently was a Municipal Youth Engagement Coordinator with Canada's sixth largest city. His focus is on both holistic community development and capacity building of individuals within priority neighbourhoods. In 2016, he graduated with a Double Major in Criminology and Political Sciences with a Minor in Canadian Studies from the University of Toronto. In 2018, he also graduated with a Masters of Public Policy Administration and Law (M.P.P.A.L.) from York University. Currently Matt is serving at his local church as a Youth Leader and is studying church ministry.

Matt is adamant about community service and has volunteered for three years as first the Marketing Director and later on the Vice Chair of a local community festival growing the event from initially 1000 to 7000 guests in the latter years of his role. He has also volunteered for various organizations such as Malton Neighbourhood Services, Safe City Mississauga, the Peel District School Board, and with his local Ward 5 City Councillor. Matt has also served on the teams of various politicians running in elections, and was also invited to attend the Mobilizing 22 conference, which hosted 100 of Mississauga's top youth leaders in the City.

Matt is passionate about encouraging youth and young adults in their pursuit of their goals by equipping them with life skills, best practices, and advice on how to navigate education, one's personal life, and the work force. Matt firmly believes in the idea of seeing people for their potential of becoming and not solely where they currently are today.

On this episode we get to dive more deeply into his personal life, we get to talk about why he started Real Community Talks, why he supports pursuing unconventional pathways, and why Excellence requires Discomfort.

Matt's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattdasilva42/
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Matt's Website: https://linktr.ee/mattdasilva42

Mdasilva Photography: https://www.instagram.com/mdasilvaphotography/
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Check out an article about Matt winning a scholarship in the news: https://www.mississauga.com/news-story/3117968-students-receive-scholarships/

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