Amelia Graciela Torres

Special guest

Amelia Graciela Torres is a Child and Youth Worker who currently works with both Vita Centre and Malton Neighbourhood Services. She not only counsels and runs programming for youth in the community but she weekly counsel’s young moms and provides practical and powerful workshops to help them develop into successful women.

Growing up in Rexdale, Canada Amelia was no stranger to CYW's and in fact due to a bad confidentiality experience with a CYW this led her to pursuing the field herself where she graduated with a Child and Youth Care Advanced Diploma from Humber College. As a youth worker, Amelia talks about how she often helped people but neglected herself and how depression crippled her for a long time. It was her relationship with Christ she notes that turned her "Ashes into Beauty" and gave her purpose beyond her 9-5.

It was this that caused all the love and words God placed in her heart to create her blog "A Crown of Beauty" where she is able to tell her authentic story and mix in her passion as a free lance makeup artist. Currently Amelia also serves as an event/volunteer/service coordinator for the popular GTA young adults collective "The MOB".

Among many other skills she is a social media influencer, a content creator, a vlogger, a motivational speaker, a makeup artist, an event host/coordinator, and an active volunteer in her church.

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