RCT S2 EP1: Jodianne Beckford "Even if you're scared, do it anyways"

May 7th, 2019 · 58 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

We are amped to Launch the FIRST episode of Season 2 with the talented Jodianne Beckford the host of one of the hottest most relevant entrepreneur podcasts in not only our city but in Canada! If she isn't hosting an episode of The E Project it's because she works full time as a Disability Support Worker (For the past 10 years) helping people with a variety of disabilities, with a specific focus on autism.

When she isn't doing either of those, Jodianne is a freelance creative director, photographer, videographer and writer and has been featured in multiple publications. You have likely seen Jodianne pop on up your news feed because she is the Queen of networking and often speaks at various panels, talks, and workshops across the GTA to help encourage and inspire creatives alike. For a period Jodianne was first an administrative assistant and eventually project manager for Godzspeed Communication, and she is also currently an associate in the TMZ Program at Ryerson University.

On this episode we talk about the anxiety of being an introvert, how a misdiagnosis affected her trajectory, why she started her podcast, and we get into some of the deepest points of pain in her life and how she is still standing today (Fair warning, grab tissues).

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