RCT EP 19: Jo-Anne Santos "Rest & Resiliency"

September 25th, 2018 · 48 mins 52 secs

About this Episode

Jo-Anne Santos is a self-published author who in March 2018 released the popular "Growing Wings Book". By day she is an Early Childhood Educator and by night she is a writer/author who is currently working on resources to support up and coming authors who wish to self publish.

Born in Toronto, Jo-Anne always had a passion for journaling and writing from a young age and in fact, in her dedication section of her book she writes, "To the 5-year-old girl who dreamt and knew herself. You Inspired this Manifestation. This is for you". Jo-Anne later completed her Honours Diploma from Humber College in Early Childhood Education and since then she continues to support children and youth across the GTA in developing their poetry, writing, and spoken word skills. A highlight was when she organized creative writing workshops for both York University and the Boys and Girls Club.

It was in high school that Jo-Anne had an experience being admitted into a Mental Health Institution, which she notes was the foundation for the very manuscript that is Growing Wings. Writing to Jo-Anne has not only been therapy for her, but a means to impact the world and touch lives. Among many other skills, Jo-Anne is a poet, a spoken word artist, an entrepreneur, an educator, a planner, an influencer, and a community outreach advocate

On this episode we talk about her recently released book "Growing Wings", her fight with depression, how pace is a sign of maturity, and a super dope exclusive opportunity to purchase her book online.

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