Sheldon Douglas

Special guest

Sheldon Douglas is real estate agent/sales representative who works for ReMAX West, under one of the most popular GTA real estate teams, The Brij Team. Sheldon tirelessly mixes his passion for helping people and his community with his ability to gauge an ever-changing real estate market to ensure his clients find the perfect home.

Originally born in Toronto, Canada, in the Jane and Finch Area, Sheldon moved to Malton, Mississauga where he currently resides today. It was in Malton that he attributes learning some of his life's greatest lessons through his greatest hardships.

Before real estate, Sheldon worked for the City of Mississauga, as a recreation professional and he currently works with one of the more popular childcare services known as PLASP. Sheldon learned the art of sales all the way back when he sold chocolates to make some cash so that his mom wouldn't have to be burdened, as she worked multiple jobs. Sadly, Sheldon lost his mother and he had to mature more quickly than most young people but he notes that she built him for situations like this.

Sheldon is a graduate of Humber College where he earned a diploma in Police Foundations but later came to the realization that he needed to serve his community through his first love, which was real estate. Among many other skills, Sheldon is a youth programs developer, an entrepreneur, a motivational and public speaker, an influencer, and is a highly active community advocate.

The most defining feature about Sheldon is that inspite of life's rollercoaster track record, he dawns the biggest smile and rocks the classiest suits no matter the occasion.

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