Riaz Mohammed

Special guest

Riaz Mohammed is a researcher and is currently a Doctor of Chiropractic Student at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, one of the most prestigious Chiropractic schools in Canada, and arguably the world. At CMCC he is the Vice President of the Student Canadian Chiropractic Association and sits on student council.

Originally from Parkdale, Toronto, Riaz moved to Malton, Mississauga where he would discover his passion to become a Chiropractic Doctor by meeting his current mentor in the field. Unlike most of his peers, Riaz chose to take a year off after highschool "to find his way" where he would later develop the desire to strongly pursue the medical field. Before CMCC, Riaz earned both a Health and Fitness Promotion Diploma from Humber College and a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology at the University of Guelph Humber.

Of great importance to Riaz, is his community as he views serving residents in Malton as a Duty not a choice. Riaz strongly believes that the best way to remain relevant and informed is to place yourself in the places your community is at its greatest need to better understand the strain people go through. Among many life motto's Riaz truly believes that life is subjective therefore we cannot judge the world from our lense alone.

Riaz is an individual that prioritizes health over wealth whereby his patient's well being is priority before his pocket. Overall, Riaz is probably one of the only individuals who can out talk our host in a conversation!

Fun Fact: Riaz used to rock a badass steven segal esque ponytail back in highschool!

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