Kara Lee Daley

Special guest

Kara Lee Daley is the Pastor, Administrator and Worship Leader for an inner city church in the downtown core of Toronto, Canada. She has served thousands of individuals in the greater Toronto area since she began her ministry at her church in 2007. Kara not only uses the method of story telling and relevant context to impact individuals from the pulpit but in leading and teaching a young adults group weekly.

Originally from Bathurst, New Brunswick, she graduated from Master's College and Seminary with a Bachelor of Theology in Cross-Cultural Studies and was ordained with the CAOG (Canadian Assemblies of God) in 2012. Kara is an avid traveller and has participated in multiple missions trips to places like Bangkok, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and Romania.

Among many other skills, she is a graphic designer, a counsellor, and an aspiring author working on multiple projects at the moment. Kara has a heart for people to know Jesus and communicate that by both useful teaching and intentional worship.

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