Jess Spagnolo

Special guest

Jess Spagnolo is a multi-talented visual artist/free lance painter and a professional singer, songwriter, and musician playing across Toronto and the GTA. Recently Jess launched some of her artwork on a site called Society 6 where you can turn your high res art into merchandise.

Born in Toronto and being mixed, Jess navigated life being both Mexican and Italian, which allowed her to become more versatile in her ability to serve the world. At the age of 12 Jess suffered the loss of her father, which she claims was the thing that saved her faith in Christ. At the time, she became angry with God but she realized that God knows and see’s all things beyond our perspective, and she takes comfort knowing that he is in eternity.

Jess was accepted in York U for a Bachelors of Fine Arts but after completing year one she realized that the program wasn’t what she imagined it to be. It was at the Age of 19 where she claims her life took a complete 180 after a bad breakup and she decided to attend a youth conference where she restored her relationship with God. From there Jess went on to complete a Diploma in Independent Music Production from Seneca College at York and later on completed her Bachelors of Sacred Music Degree at Canada Christian College. It was at CCC where Jess has the opportunity to meet with and sing backup for one of the most renowned Christian singer/songwriters, Paul Baloche.

Among many other things, Jess is a muralist for an independent company called “Hand Painted Murals”, she is on the worship team at her church, she is a volunteer soccer coach and community outreach volunteer with the salvation army, has participated in multiple missions trips such as in Nicaragua, and she is what she calls a highly skilled “nearby dog detector”.

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