Bilal Dawson

Special guest

Bilal Dawson is one of the hottest/popping off Instagram/YouTube creators in Toronto especially after his "This is Canada" Parody of Childish Gambino's "This is America" went viral with over 6 Million Views on 9Gag. If he's not flooding your explore page, he probably is out being the CEO of his production company DaVision Digital shooting popular GTA music videos, documentaries and other client work as he has been an independent film maker for over 6 years now.

Born in Burlington but raised in Hamilton, Bilal moved to Toronto to pursue his love for acting, filmmaking and script writing. This led him to pursue a degree at York University in Cinema and Media Studies. Capitalizing on platforms such as Instagram, Bilal decided to take a break from school to pursue his field full time. While he doesn't 100% forsake school, he'd rather be intentional about his time that to take a degree for societies sake. Among many other things he is an entrepreneur, a comedian, a writer, an editor, a content creator and just a funny man with serious intentions.

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