Cornel (DJ BIG C) Davis

Special guest

Cornel Davis, aka DJ Big C, is a well-known multi-faceted DJ, MC, and Event Host within the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area event scene. He has coordinated 10,000 people + events such as the popular Jamaica Day Celebration, and was also the founder of the sound crew formerly known as M.A.D.E (Make a Difference Entertainment).

His parents, originally from Kingston Jamaica, both met in Toronto where Big C was born however he grew up in Malton, Mississauga for the majority of his life. Before diving full force into his craft, Big C was scouted by Durham College for basketball but due to a number of reasons he rejected the offer and ended up continuing work with the City of Mississauga while still DJ'ing.

Today Big C is a staple at popular clubs, corporate, and private events across Ontario and Canada and has developed a strong reputation by always supporting his local community of Malton. What started as a basement hobby has developed into a profitable business, which mixes his love for music and providing memorable experiences for his clients. Among many other skills, Big C is an entrepreneur, a recreation and operations professional, an avid basketball player, and he used to rap/write music.

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