Allison Morris

Special guest

Allison Morris is the CEO and Fashion Designer of the high-end fashion, sportswear, and street wear company known as N I Q U E. She is not limited to just this role as she also is currently working for Canada's sixth largest city as a Development Services Analyst and formerly held roles as a Committee of Adjustments Technician, a Planning Assistant, an Administrative Assistant, and a Customer Service Representative.

Born to Jamaican parents, Allison was born in North York, Ontario but grew up mostly in Brampton, Ontario. From a young age, she became fascinated with the world of design through a grade eight project, which would later develop into discovering her passion for fashion in high school.

Allison holds multiple educational degrees/certificates ranging from a Bachelors in Urban and Regional Planning and a Certificate in Architecture from Ryerson University. She also has a certificate in Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies from the University of Bocconi. Among many other experiences/skills, Allison has also worked for the City of Brampton in various administrative roles, has served on multiple community board of directors and event committee's, was a deputy returning officer for Elections Canada, is a creative industries planner, a retail architect and is consistently elevating her portfolio even as you read this bio.

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