Adrian Wallace

Special guest

Adrian Wallace is the executive director and series creator of the popular GTA web series "Courtside". He is literally a jack of all trades who uses his upbringing and creative talents to tell stories that resonate with our younger generation. Growing up in Malton, Mississauga, he was inspired by the atmosphere around him which led him to turn what was once a college assignment into one of the most popular web-series out there!

Adrian is a graduate of Humber College where he earned two advanced diplomas in both Film and Television Production and Comedy Writing and Performance. Among many other skills, he is a creative entrepreneur, writer, dramatic talent, comedian, content producer, photographer, videographer, blogger and an avid shower singer. Something you might not know about him is that he can sing, rap, write music and he even did a couple of years of stand up comedy.

Adrian is passionate about seeing young people pursue their creative dreams and use both story telling through film and writing to impact the world and shed light on stories that are untold.

Adrian Wallace has been a guest on 1 episode.