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Micro-Level Influencers Doing Macro-Level Things.

About the show

Welcome to Real Community Talks where we meet with micro-level influencer's doing macro-level things. The idea behind RCT is that if one on one conversation's have the power to affect someone's future trajectory, why not make those conversation's accessible to all?

I meet with some of my favourite community influencers including creators, artists, public servants, non-profit workers, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and more so that you can hear about their journey/process in hopes to inspire yours. The stories you hear are not necessarily formula's for success but examples of individuals who are making their dreams possible despite obstacles. I firmly believe that everyone has a unique story that could potentially change someone's entire perspective on their circumstance.

Enjoy the show!

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  • RCT EP 27: Matt Da Silva "Excellence Requires Discomfort"

    December 25th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 4 mins
    beards, brampton, community, encouragement, entrepreneur, failure, growth, host, humble, identity, impact, interview, knowledge, malton, matt, mississauga, motivation, origins, passion, pathways, podcast, podcasters, podcasting, process, progress, purpose, radio, rct, real, sauga, speaker, storytelling, talks, toronto, unconventional, voice, wisdom, youtuber

    Merry Christmas Everyone! As a gift to all of you Matt Da Silva, our HOST of Real Community Talks, sit's down with us for the last episode of Season 1 and shares his story! On this episode we get to dive more deeply into his personal life, we get to talk about why he started Real Community Talks, why he supports pursuing unconventional pathways, and why Excellence requires Discomfort.

  • RCT EP 26: Noyz "Even The Quiet Ones Have A Story To Share"

    December 4th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  59 mins 19 secs
    activism, activist, anxiety, artsit, beards, beats, brampton, community, conscious, diversity, encouragement, entrepreneur, failure, fear, freestyle, growth, hiphop, humble, identity, immigrant, immigrants, impact, interview, introvert, knowledge, lyricist, malton, marvel, mc, mississauga, motivation, noyz, passion, performance, podcast, podcasters, podcasting, process, progress, psychology, punjabi, purpose, radio, rap, rapper, rct, sauga, sikh, sikhism, speaker, storytelling, toronto, voice, wisdom, wutang, xmen

    One of the more socially conscious and dopest artists/lyricists, Noyz, joins us for the LAST guest episode of Season 1 of Real Community Talks! On this episode we talk about the passing of one of the GOAT's Stan Lee, how LOVE can be expressed differently, how he overcame anxiety and the fear of sharing his art, and how he wishes he had started some things earlier in life.

  • RCT EP 25: Phil Nguyen "Live and Breathe Toronto"

    November 27th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  57 mins 10 secs
    arabic, breathe, business, businessman, clothing, community, diversity, encouragement, entrepreneur, fashion, fitfam, fitness, growth, gym, health, identity, immigrant, immigrants, impact, interview, jordans, karma, live, malton, markham, mississauga, motivation, passion, patriarch, podcast, podcasters, podcasting, pt, purpose, radio, rct, sauga, scarborough, speaker, strength, toronto, trainer

    Phil Nguyen is the CEO of the popular clothing brand "Patriarch Supply" and is a well-respected fitness coach and personal trainer throughout the Greater Toronto Area. On this episode, we talk about dropping out of school to pursue your passion, the idea of saying yes now and learning it after, how impact can sustain passion, and the idea of not living out the expectations of others on your life.

  • RCT EP 24: Crystal Mark "Who Are You and What Do You Stand For"

    November 13th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  51 mins 40 secs
    activist, advocacy, advocate, author, brampton, caregiver, children, christian, community, danforth, education, educator, entrepreneur, equity, growth, identity, interview, leader, malton, mentor, mississauga, mom, moms, mother, motherhood, motivation, oppression, podcast, podcasters, podcasting, poet, poetry, professional, racism, radio, rct, sauga, speaker, toronto, writer

    Crystal Mark, aka the queen of community advocacy is a myriad of things for whatever community she belongs to. On this episode we talk about finding your own tribe, empowerment through using your gifts, caregiver burnout, and how Crystal intends to Make a "Mark" in her lifetime.

  • RCT EP 23: Freddy Appiah "Use The Game, Don't Let The Game Use You"

    October 30th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  50 mins 56 secs
    basketball, brampton, calu, coach, coaching, community, curriculum, cybl, dpcdsb, education, educator, entrepreneur, father, fufu, fundamentals, growth, interview, knightsbridge, leader, malton, mentor, mississauga, motivation, podcast, podcasters, podcasting, radio, rct, sauga, school, teacher, toronto

    Freddy Appiah is a multifaceted/multi-talented dude who puts Malton on his back no matter what. On this episode we get REAL and talk about how basketball is really a business, why Malton is so important to him, the realities of running your own non-profit, and how as a man, you sometimes have to live with decisions you regret.

  • RCT EP 22: Ryan Gurcharn "Changing The System From Within"

    October 16th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 4 mins
    campaign, community, curriculum, education, elections, entrepreneur, eqao, growth, guyanese, interview, malton, mississauga, motivation, municipal, newspaper, ontario, pdsb, peel, podcast, podcasters, podcasting, political, politics, purpose, radio, rct, sauga, school, toronto, trustee

    Ryan Gurcharn aka Mr. Malton himself is currently running for English Public School Trustee for Ward 5, Mississauga. On this episode we talk about the moment he was endorsed by the current Ward 5 English Public School Trustee, how his experiences culminated to his pursuits today and how he plans to contribute to changing the education system from within.

  • RCT EP 21: Bilal Dawson "The Best Things Come After The Hardest Decisions".

    October 9th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  57 mins 2 secs
    brampton, burlington, comedian, community, creative, decisions, director, editing, editor, education, entrepreneur, etobicoke, exposure, film, growth, hamilton, instagram, instagrammer, interview, malton, mississauga, motivation, podcast, podcasters, podcasting, producer, purpose, radio, rct, shiggy, toronto, video, wrting, youtube, youtuber

    Bilal Dawson is one of the hottest/popping off Instagram/YouTube creators in Toronto especially after his "This is Canada" Parody of Childish Gambino's "This is America" went viral with over 6 Million Views on 9Gag. On this episode we talk about the stigma around being a social media creator as a full time job, how the internet puts a toll on creators, how school might be a waste of time, and why you should DO what you LOVE doing.

  • RCT EP 20: Harmanjit Khakh "Trust Your Age"

    October 2nd, 2018  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 27 secs
    addictions, brampton, communicator, community, counselling, creatives, depression, education, eminem, emotions, entrepreneur, etobicoke, film, generosity, growing, growth, happiness, harman, harmanjit, health, hiphop, hp, intelligence, interview, kindess, love, malton, mississauga, motivation, podcast, podcasters, podcasting, positivity, power, psychology, punjabi, purpose, radio, rap, rct, rct ep 20, rct podcast, real community talks, selfless, sikh, writing

    Harmanjit Khakh cannot be described by a traditional title because he prefers to be defined as someone whose purpose is to exude, live and spread positivity. On this episode we talk about realizing your emotional intelligence, how perspective can turn negativity into positivity, how the modern education system is failing students, and the importance of trusting your age.

  • RCT EP 19: Jo-Anne Santos "Rest & Resiliency"

    September 25th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  48 mins 52 secs
    author, breathe, businesswoman, community, creative, depression, entrepreneur, growing, growth, interview, jo-anne, joanne, love, malton, mental health, mississauga, motivation, podcast, poems, poetry, prayers, progress, prose, published, purpose, radio, rct, rct ep 19, rct podcast, real community talks, resiliency, rest, romance, santos, self published, spoken, success, therapy, wings, word, writing

    Jo-Anne Santos is a self-published author who in March 2018 released the popular "Growing Wings Book". By day she is an Early Childhood Educator and by night she is a writer/author who is currently working on resources to support up and coming authors who wish to self publish. On this episode we talk about her recently released book "Growing Wings", her fight with depression, how pace is a sign of maturity, and a super dope exclusive opportunity to purchase her book online.

  • RCT EP 18: Fly By Design (Sheldon Halstead) "Still Flying"

    September 18th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 2 mins
    businessman, clothing, community, custom, entrepreneur, failure, flyby, flybydesign, flybydesignshop, graphics, illustrator, influencer, instagram, interview, malton, mississauga, motivation, photoshop, podcast, power, progress, purpose, radio, rct, rct ep 17, rct podcast, real community talks, rexdale, risk, screenprint, success, tattoo, transformers, weeknd, youth, youtube

    Sheldon Halstead is the founder and owner of one of the GTA's most popular custom clothing, graphic design and clothing line companies known as Fly By Design. On this episode we talk about the reality of being an entrepreneur, how to balance being a father and a business owner, why completing a degree isn’t the only pathway to success, and how he deals with the idea of being powerful beyond measure.

  • RCT EP 17: Amelia Graciela Torres "It's OK To Be A Work In Progress"

    September 11th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 3 mins
    artist, beauty, blogger, blogging, christ, community, crown, cyw, depression, faith, fear, healing, hood, humber, identity brampton, influencer, instagram, interview, jesus, love, makeup, malton, ministry, mississauga, motivation, podcast, progress, purpose, radio, rct, rct ep 17, rct podcast, real community talks, rexdale, vlogger, vlogging, youth, youtube

    Amelia Graciela Torres is a Child and Youth Worker who currently works with both Vita Centre and Malton Neighbourhood Services. On this episode we talk about the peace she has found knowing she is a work in progress, how she used her hurt for purpose, and her thoughts on MAC products now being sold in Sephora Stores.

  • RCT EP 16: Olivia Orvis-Bowers "Finding The Next Level of Success"

    September 4th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  50 mins 7 secs
    administration, administrative, brampton, business, college, commerce, community, complacency, complacent, coordinator, coversation, editing, freelance, government, humber, influencer, interview, malton, mississauga, municipal, planning, podcast, public sector, radio, rct, rct ep 16, rct podcast, real community talks, recreation, success, toronto, travel

    Olivia Orvis-Bowers is currently an Administrative Coordinator with the City of Brampton having just finished working with the City of Mississauga in various administrative roles for the past 7 years. On this episode we talk about how Olivia strives to avoid complacency by seeking out the next level of success, why she decided to leave one municipal giant for another, how she worked one shift at Tommy Hilfiger then left, and we also simulate the popular channel “All Def” by diving into some pretty cringe worthy dad jokes.

  • RCT EP 15: Leo Bailey "The Best Is Yet To Come"

    August 28th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  58 mins 21 secs
    banking, basketball, brampton, church, community, coversation, derozan, digital governance, digital risk, digital transformation, downtown toronto, faith, finances, gta, jesus, kawhi, kipling, leo bailey, malton, minister, mississauga, pastor, podcast, racism, rbc, rbc bank, rct, rct ep 15, rct podcast, real community talks, rexdale, swag, toronto, toronto raptors, university, video podcast

    Leo Bailey is a Senior Manager of Digital Risk & Governance with RBC in downtown Toronto. On this episode we talk about Leo’s come up from the Rex to the city skylines of downtown Toronto, how God has been the centre of his life and decision making, and why he believes the Kawhi/Derozan trade was a steal for the Raptors.

  • RCT EP 14: Savy Jay "There's No Bunk Beds In Caskets"

    August 21st, 2018  |  Season 1  |  46 mins 1 sec
    anxiety, artist, brampton, content, culture, depression, entrepreneur, hiphop, influencer, malton, mental health, mh, military, mississauga, music producer, podcast, producer, rappers, rct, rctpodcast, real community talks, realcommunitytalks, savy jay, savyjay, songwriter, soundcloud, toronto, video podcast

    Savy Jay Aka AJ, the Founder of $AVTEAM is a Malton Based Singer, Rapper, Songwriter and Music Producer who has been popping off in the Greater Toronto Area with roughly 9k supporters on Instagram. On this episode we discuss the behind the scenes aspects of music production, how he dealt with depression, anxiety and mental health, and how he almost burned his house down over some chicken nuggets.

  • RCT EP 13: Basir Ahmad BFX "If You're Not Living Your Brand You're Faking It"

    August 14th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  55 mins 27 secs
    basir ahmad, bfx, bfxphotography, blogging, brampton, cfre radio, chrissy teigen, digital marketer, digital marketing, entrepreneur, film podcast, george brown college, instagram, instagram photography, john legend, malton, mississauga, peter mckinnon, photographer, photography, podcast, rct basir, real c talks, real community talks, regent park, toronto, utm

    Basir Ahmad aka BFX is the founder and photographer of BFX Photography, is the founder of Click Clique 6ix a page that features talented GTA Photographers and during his 9-5 he is a Digital Marketing Associate/Graphic Designer for a downtown Toronto Corporate Company. On this episode we talk about why your personal brand is important, why he does photo-shoots for free, how photography has been a tool to develop dope friendships, and how he played a role in one of his friends Instagram posts about John Legend being reposted by Chrissy Teigen.

  • RCT EP 12: Jess Spagnolo "Don't Think of Yourself as Worthless, You Have Value"

    July 31st, 2018  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 12 mins
    brampton, canada christian college, entrepreneur, free lance artist, free lance painter, hand painted murals, jess spagnolo, losing a loved one, love nature, malton, mississauga, musician, paul baloche, podcast, rct podcast, real community talks, singer, society 6, songwriter, ted talks, toronto, video podcast, visual artist, york university

    Jess Spagnolo is a multi-talented visual artist/free lance painter and a professional singer, songwriter, and musician playing across Toronto and the GTA. Recently Jess launched some of her artwork on a site called Society 6 where you can turn your high res art into merchandise. On this episode, we talk about how Jess uses scriptures about nature to inspire her art, how she utilized her skillsets to become an entrepreneur, how music was therapy to her during the loss of her father, and why she is an obsessive SIM’s 3 game player.